beauty bloopers

14 Nov

hi girls,

today i’m going to do a post in english, hoping you would understand it better. Normally i write my posts in Dutch. But i think a lot of my readers are english, so i thought this might be better. Today i want to talk about some beauty bloopers. Because with so much make-up you can do a lot of things wrong! For example i think the worst mistake is troubles with your foundation of concealer. When you take the wrong colour and your head is all ‘orange’. Too much make-up doesn’t make you prettier!

You just dont want to look like this… or you use your foundation just for 1 spot on your head and it’s a different colour or when you want to remove the bags under your eyes with concealer and your concealer is a lighter colour than your skin. You get something like this:

To avoid this you need to be careful very careful with choosing the colour of your foundation or concealer. Before buying it you need to try the foundation or concealer on your hand or on your face to be sure you have the same colour as your skin tone. Like this:

Also here are more tricks for concealing: 1) Put your base/powder/tinted moisturizer all on first and THEN apply your concealer. By putting it on first, you are probably using more than you really need. 2) With a small concealer brush, mix your concealer with a tiny bit of your moisturizer before applying…this will thin it out and make a flawless application, leaving out the flakey, cakey alternative.

We’ve all had those mornings where you look in the mirror and you just look horrible. It happens. What to do? Get out the white/cream eyeshadow or shadow-stick. Adding a little splash of white right below your brows (lifts the eye) and right near your tear duct (opens up the eye), will help you look fresh and beautiful!

Then last you have the eyebrows, they dont need to be  too thin:

or too hairy:

hope you enjoyed! What is your worst beauty blooper? leave a comment!




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