5 Mar

hi girls,

i found a new trend, so today i wanted to post something new… again i haven’t posted something in a very long time and i could keep telling you sorry but i’m going to change! (or at least try) There’s this new trend, for example on twitter, it’s called the #30dayschallenge. They say that after 30 days things you do should become a habit. So i’m going to try to write a post everyday for 30 days in a row and i hope (a lot!) that it works and writing an artical should become a habit… because keeping this blog is all i want to do! i love it! it’s just that time won’t let me ): but as i already said i’m going to try! It would be awesome if you would try with me! If you have a bad habit like… biting your nails or… something else you want to stop, or maybe you want to make something a habit like… polishing your nails everyday or making someone smile everyday! Begin with it now! Don’t wait till next year or next month, try it with the #30dayschallenge, just start tomorrow or even today! leave a comment with your #30dayschallenge! ♥





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